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Analyzing the Suez Canal

The Suez Canal had its 150th inaugural anniversary last week. Since opening on November 17, 1869, it ushered in a new shipping era dominated by steam ships, gave reason to both create a single registration authority and standardize how ships are measured for fair toll treatment, influenced ship design and facilitated Asia’s economic growth through the 20th century.

Using Global Vigilance VSS, we project total transits in 2019 should exceed 2018 since over 17,000 transits have been made this year.

Unknown Vessels Involved in Illegal Activities

Using Global Vigilance VSS, you can determine vessels that are involved in criminal activity and – leveraging that intelligence – proactively identify other high-risk vessels.

MSC Gayane Released from U.S. Custody

Using Global Vigilance VSS, you can monitor port movements and create alerts to notify you when vessels arrive, depart or declare they are en route. And as vessels have seven levels of direct ownership, you can also create alerts that notify you when a controlling entity meets the same criteria.

Vietnam – A Trade War Winner?

Understanding the potential impact of the U.S. tariffs on China, we were asked whether there has been any impact on Vietnam. Using Global Vigilance VSS, we were able to quickly analyze data across Vietnamese ports to determine if there was any material growth.