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Global Vigilance PAS

Passenger Assessment System

Put Intelligence into Action

Automate Watchlists & Alerts

Build Adaptable Passenger Profiles

Identify high risk passengers faster and more accurately with vigilance; automatically rank passengers from highest to lowest risk – informing decision making across all stages

Receive real-time alerts when passengers meeting your criteria are arriving or departing.

Quickly adapt to criminal threats by assessing passengers against thousands of risk indicators from multiple, disparate data sets.

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  • Data Fusion

    Automatically fuses pre-arrival, arrival and post-arrival passenger; and pre-departure and departure passenger and flight data to present a single, holistic profile.

  • Configurable Risk Framework

    Customize the default risk assessment framework by creating or updating rules and adjust scoring thresholds to address your unique passenger requirements.

  • Data Analysis

    Analyze passenger and flight data to identify hidden and anomalous relationships based on current and historic information.

  • Passenger Profiling

    Build passenger profiles to identify illegal travelers, criminals and terrorists for triage.

  • Automated Reports & Emails

    Set alerts to receive notifications when high risk passengers are arriving or departing.

  • Watchlist Management

    Create and update watchlists to identify high risk passengers or facilitate low risk passengers.

  • Selective Information Sharing

    Share local knowledge and information across agencies, organizations and borders in real-time.

  • Monitor Compliance

    Address compliance requirements with local, economic and international regulations.

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Identify high risk passengers faster and more accurately to strengthen border control, detect criminal activity and prevent terrorist threats.

Assessing passenger data for high risk passengers with the Global Vigilance PAS provides you with continuous monitoring and evaluation of all passengers – inbound or outbound. It integrates and then fuses passenger data, including PNR and API, to present a single, holistic passenger profile that is automatically analyzed for high risk individuals, relationships, characteristics and behaviors. This facilitates the triage of passengers by Immigration, Border Security, Customs and Police authorities.

Global Vigilance’s PAS screens passengers using a powerful risk analysis engine to provide you with greater control and more advanced intelligence to ensure the right people have the right information at the right time.


Learn how to uncover a passenger’s true identity by analyzing disparate data sources against a customizable risk assessment framework to make real-time decisions.

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