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Global Vigilance CTS

Cargo Targeting System

Prevent Revenue Leakage & Promote Compliance

Improve Trade Facilitation

Stop the Movement of Illegal Goods

Counter duty and tax evasion by automatically identifying high-risk shipments for fraud, undervaluation and misclassification.

Focus your resources on high-risk shipments by facilitating the release of low-risk shipments.

Enforce your mandates through intelligent decision-making that monitors all your import, export, transit and trasshipment transactions to prevent and detect criminal activity.

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  • Alignment with WCO Standards

    Default risk profiles aligned to the WCO SAFE Framework and Standardized Risk Assessments; WCO data model compliant.

  • Automated Risk Assessment

    Assess all import, export, transit and transshipment data to identify high risk shipment.

  • Intelligent Referrals

    Automatically refer shipments for inspection based on your criteria.

  • Custom Watchlists & Alerts

    Receive real-time alerts when vessels, shipments, individuals/companies or commodities meeting your criteria are en-route to your port.

  • Interactive Decision Support

    Intuitive interface that orders shipments from highest to lowest risk to facilitate your triage activities; drag-and-drop for additional scrutiny.

  • Configurable Risk Assessment

    Customize the default risk profiles by creating or updating rules and adjusting scoring thresholds for your risk view.

  • Manage Pre-Approved Traders

    Ensure your trusted traders receive preferential treatment to facilitate trade while still monitoring them for compliance.

  • Enforce Compliance

    Review all trade data for compliance to local, national and international regulations and treaties.

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The Global Vigilance CTS’ easy-to-use interface presents import, export, transit and transshipment transactions in order of risk to ensure you are focused on the high-risk shipments while pre-approved and/or low-risk shipments can be facilitated through the exit process. Your team also can manually work on the shipments through an analytical workflow where they can refer shipments. Results are collected in an inspection template and stored for historical queries and analytics.

The CTS’ workflow delineates roles and responsibilities to ensure the right people have the right information at the right time to mitigate vulnerabilities and threats to your objectives – revenue, compliance, security, health.

Turn Data into Actionable Information

Use CTS to extend your borders by making real-time decisions on goods arriving at your port.

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