Global Vigilance Privacy Policy

The privacy of visitors to this Web site and the accuracy and confidentiality of any personal information we may obtain concerning you is important to Global Vigilance. This policy has been adopted by Global Vigilance to address the collection, retention, use, access and disclosure of personal information obtained by means of this website.

What Information is Collected?

You may access and use this website without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information about yourself. Our web servers log only IP addresses or domain names of visitors, and do not identify email addresses. This website may also use cookies to improve response times and other aspects of the user experience when visitors return to this website, but we do not collect information stored in other cookies on your system.

Global Vigilance uses this anonymous data in order to assess usage of our website and to try to identify what information or material is of greatest interest to visitors in order to improve our site content.

The website may also employ forms or email links to enable visitors to contact Global Vigilance directly to, for example, request additional sales or product information or to apply for employment. In these cases, by providing personal information you are consenting to Global Vigilance retaining and using the information for the purpose it was provided. You are also consenting to allow us to keep you informed of product developments, corporate announcements and other information of interest to the corrections community. Only those persons within Global Vigilance who have a need to know the information will have access to it.

Third Party Links

This website may have links to websites owned or provided by third parties. When you click on one of those links, you will leave this website. Global Vigilance has no control over these third party sites and takes no responsibility for the privacy policies or the contents of those websites.

Who May Have Access to Your Personal Information?

Within Global Vigilance, only those personnel who have a need to know your information will have access to it for the purposes described in this policy. Global Vigilance may share access to your information with entities with whom we have a commercial relationship in order to assist us in improving this website. No information is provided by Global Vigilance in cases where the recipient might use it for the purpose of targeted advertising or solicitation of any goods or services.

How is Your Information Protected?

Global Vigilance has adopted policies designed to maintain security of all of its data and data systems, which mandate the use of industry standard firewall and continuous anti-virus scanning technology, among other measures. As well, protocols have been put in place that provide for matters such as secure data practices for our personnel, access control and the monitoring of system usage. Your personal information is subject to the same level of protection as any other data or information within our systems.

How Can You Review or Request Changes to Your Personal Information?

If you wish to know what personally identifiable information Global Vigilance may have about you or if you wish to change or correct any such information, please email us at setting out your specific request and we will respond promptly.

How Do You Know if this Policy Changes?

This page sets out the current policy of Global Vigilance. However, we regularly review data security and privacy concerns and this policy may need to be updated from time to time. Any changes to this policy will be promptly posted to this Web site.

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Last Updated: July 2019